ISLAMABAD – unique Assistant to the high Minister for fitness offerings Dr. Zafar Mirza has termed the approval accorded by means of the Federal cupboard on Tuesday to his Ministry’s concept for levying of fitness tax on tobacco merchandise and sugary beverages as “unparalleled and ancient.”

He complimented the top minister for placing his weight behind the measure in spite of modern-day financial difficulties as he holds health causes near his coronary heart.


Terming the advent of fitness Tax as a large win for the humans of Pakistan he stated the measure might have some distance reaching effect on their health and wellness and is reflective of our clear up as a kingdom to take a formidable leap forward and accord excessive priority to fitness over some other consideration.

Tobacco is the most important killer causing death of round one hundred sixty,189 people in Pakistan every 12 months. Almost 15.6 million adults presently smoke tobacco within the us of a whereas around 1200 Pakistani kids between age of 6 and 15 start smoking each day. Moreover, the monetary cost of smoking amounts to 143.208 billion rupees. This consists of direct charges related to healthcare expenditures and oblique fees related to lost productiveness due to early mortality and morbidity.

with a view to discourage cigarette smoking, increasing revenues and saving money with the aid of decreasing tobacco-associated fitness care fees, fitness Levy on Cigarettes at the price of ten rupees consistent with % of twenty cigarette sticks has been proposed through Ministry of NHSRC, together with increase in Federal Excise obligation on cigarettes.

Levy of health Tax on sugary liquids aims to discourage their immoderate use to control the load and complications of Non Communicable illnesses especially diabetes. The tax is proposed to be levied on the price of one rupee in line with two hundred and fifty milliliter.

The sales accrued through Levy of health Tax is proposed to be earmarked for federal health price range including top Minister fitness software and health promoting.