Damascus [Syria], Jun 12 (ANI): Israel on Wednesday fired numerous missiles toconflictd the southeastern Syrian town of al-Harra just throughout the border with Golan Heights.
Syrian Arab information employer (SANA) mentioned that the Syrian army intercepted "antagonistic goals coming from the direction of occupied territories." The missiles had been shot down over Quneitra and near Damascus as Israel attempted jamming the Syrian air defence radars inside the place.

but, no immediate accidents had been said at the same time as Israel, on its part, is yet to respond to the claims, according to The times of Israel.
Israel has normally achieved loads of strikes in Syria targeting bases related with Iran. But on uncommon events, Israel has centered villages and towns alongside the Golan Heights border after Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) uncovered nascent Hezbollah terror cells within the area earlier in March.
On Saturday, rockets were fired from Syria toconflictd Israel's Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights. There had been no reports of accidents or harm.
Mount Hermon is placed inside the northern tip of Israel's Golan Heights. Further to a famous ski lodge, the place is also home to some of navy installations.
Tostruggled the begin of the Syrian civil warfare, the Israeli navy mounted some of "red traces" that if violated might result in a retaliatory strike, along with any assaults, either intentional or in any other case, in opposition to Israel.
It also blanketed Iranian efforts to set up a permanent military presence in Syria and attempts to transfer superior ammunitions to the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist organization.
In recent years, Israel has stated undertaking hundreds of airstrikes in Syria in reaction to these "red line" violations. (ANI)