Washington D.C. [USA], Jun 12 (ANI): Scott Perry, a member of the US Congress from Pennsylvania, reaffirmed assist to the non secular and ethnic minorities, who came together on Tuesday to stop spiritual radicalism in South Asia, in particular in Pakistan.

ratings of South Asian experts, individuals of the US Senate and residence of representatives flocked the Capitol Hill to discuss and urge Pakistan to stop the persecution of ethnic and non secular companies.
even as talking to ANI, Perry said, "Pakistan wishes to be isolated among the community of nations in the event that they continue to harbour terrorism."
Perry additionally highlighted the plight of all suffering ethnic and spiritual groups and how Pakistan has now not yet taken any strong motion towards the terrorism operating from its soil.
"We don't support the truth that minorities are being suppressed anywhere for his or her religious ideals or in any other case, and that is one of the motives why the usa-Pakistan relations continue to be strenuous because we can't take delivery of that," Perry advised ANI.
earlier this year, the lawmaker introduced a decision inside the house of Representatives demanding motion with the aid of Pakistan on getting rid of secure haven to terrorists. The resolution additionally condemned the Pulwama terror attack done with the aid of Pakistan primarily based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) on February 14 that killed 40 Indian safety employees.
"Pakistan has to understand that there is no upside benefit in permitting this (terror), whether they help it or permit it. They may now not be committing it but these are crimes of omission which permits it to occur after which turn your face as it happens. There may be no upsides or no profits for Pakistan on permitting terror," the lawmaker added.
Echoing Perry's competition, representatives of Mohajirs, Pashtun and Baloch communities on Tuesday briefed the collection about the human rights violation and discrimination being faced by using their groups in Pakistan.
The organization turned into led by the Voice of Karachi and South Asia Minorities Alliance basis chairman Nadeem Nusrat. He specifically talked about the devastating consequences that each ethnic and non secular group in Pakistan is suffering.
"There are methods to place pressure on Pakistan, either via sanctions or involving the ecu countries, as a way to offer alleviation to the minorities. We are not annoying any charity. As citizens we have rights however Pakistan has simplest guaranteed those on papers," Nusrat stated.
"We raised the difficulty of Karachi and different city components of Pakistan, where human rights violations have been taking location on a massive scale. Whilst we convey to mild the plight of non secular minorities, we also talk about the persecution of ethnic minorities in Pakistan," he similarly stated. (ANI)