PESHAWAR: A local chief of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf on Thursday stopped a crew of the Water and Sanitation offerings Peshawar (WSSP) from reducing off illegal water connections.

officers instructed that the incident happened within the limits of Pharipura police station when Syed Azeem, PTI Ghareebabad bankruptcy trendy secretary, pushed WSSP crew participants whilst they were severing unlawful water connections of those no longer paying water charges.

They stated that the PTI activist also threw away their gadget.

A video shared in social media organizations indicates Mr Azeem shouting and pushing the WSSP workers and telling them that he become PTI standard secretary and a district councillor.

A WSSP official instructed sunrise that the organization had launched a campaign towards illegal water connections and nonpayment of water costs. He said that only 10 in line with cent of the metropolis’s humans had been paying sanitation charges to the organisation.

He stated that the organization group of workers have been facing resistance from neighborhood politicians from all events on this marketing campaign.

The company has approached the Paharipura police station to resort an FIR against the PTI office-bearers.

posted in sunrise, June 14th, 2019