MOSCOW: approximately 40,000 years in the past, a wolf died in what we know as Siberia. Now its severed head has been located, and because of the freezing conditions, it's so properly preserved that its fur, teeth, mind and facial tissue are largely intact.

A Yakutia resident, Pavel Yefimov, located the head closing summer on the banks of the River Tirekhtyakh, close to the Arctic Circle in the place of Yakutia, local media outlet the Siberian times mentioned. The head become surpassed over to the technology Academy of Yakutia. They despatched samples and size statistics overseas and with help from colleagues in Japan and Sweden determined its age as about 40,000 years, the Siberian instances suggested.

the next step inside the wolf’s journey is to go through a method known as plastination, a method of replacing water and fats with plastics. That forestalls decay and preserves tissue for medical functions. “this is a fixation via chemical way, so that the fur would now not come off and in order that we could keep it [the head] unfrozen,” Valery Plotnikov, considered one of academy scientists, said within the pictures.

posted in , June 14th, 2019