THIS refers to the news record ‘WHO professionals pick out weaknesses contributing to HIV/AIDS’ (June nine).

two matters within the record make it appearance extra like the Sindh government treating it as a political problem in preference to a critical failing of the government fitness machine.

the primary is where Sindh fitness Minister Dr Azra Pechuho objected to media persons thinking WHO officials.

. This, she said, made them experience obstructed in acting their task and requested them to contact the ‘focal’ person instead.

Of course, the ‘focal individual’ would recognise what to disclose and what to cover. The other was wherein she cautioned that funding to the song of $1.5 million changed into required to meet the assignment.

quite missing from the file changed into any trace in the direction of ‘certain weaknesses’ inside the gadget detected by the WHO group.

The Chairman of Sindh fitness fee, Dr Tipu Sultan, in a television interview stated that HIV/AIDS in Sindh, particularly among youngsters, was now not totally owing to the use of used syringes however turned into caused by unhygienic circumcision of boys, ear and nostril-piercing of women in addition to repeated shaving of kids’s head inside the same unhygienic way.

I understand that on the spread of AIDS in Africa, the government of an African united states of america I labored for approximately 40 years in the past broadly publicised the reasons and took remedial steps. And right here is our Sindh government, shunning publicity of most important causes and fondly searching forward to $1.5 million funding.

Syed Riaz

posted in sunrise, June 14th, 2019