i used to be bowled over to look the situation of Faisal mosque in which I and masses of hundreds of other provided Eid prayer. It saddened me to peer its dirty floors.

How come it didn’t arise to the mosque management to easy up and spruce up the mosque even on Eid day? How can they ignore this important trouble on an afternoon like Eid while masses and heaps of humans come to the historical mosque for offering the submit-Ramazan prayer?

i was very saddened to see those white marble floors complete of dirt. The water-less fountains inside the mosque had been dirty.

If my adolescence recollection is any indication, Faisal mosque become nicely attained in all respects. Are we falling behind even third global countries?

I request the authorities to take measures to maintain the mosque in proper circumstance — at the least on occasions just like the two Eids.

let the mosque management know that mosques replicate our culture.

Shiza Malik

published in sunrise, June 14th, 2019