PESHAWAR: Vaccine for canine chew is unavailable in the most important public health facility of the province, woman studying health facility (LRH) inflicting enormous difficulties for the people.

clinic resources stated that seven dog-chunk victims which include two youngsters had been added to LRH on Monday, but they have been requested to get the medication from market because it become unavailable in the health facility’s pharmacy.

Rabies, resulting from bite of an infected dog, is an irreversible situation main to a completely painful death for victim.


The health center management has asked ok-P DG fitness via District fitness office for arranging the anti-rabies medication for the patients.

On express’s touch, medical institution spokesperson Zulfiqar Baba Khel instructed that presently inventory isn’t to be had inside the hospital, DG health has been asked to make arrangements for this.

The provincial authorities have no longer fulfilled the supply order of three hundred vials of the rabies vaccine despatched in February this year.

in lots of district headquarters hospitals of the province, there has by no means been any deliver of rabies vaccine.

as a minimum 120 victims of canine bite are to LRH each month, sources stated.

in line with the fitness branch’s document on this rely, simply in the modern 12 months from January till June, total of 26,309 instances of rabid-dog bites were said, whereas sixty seven,086 cases have been stated in 2017.

despite strict commands of the department, huge district headquarters medical institution couldn't buy anti-rabies serum.

sources say that the company which changed into selected by means of health department beneath MCC for LRH additionally excused at the availability of the vaccine. Whilst on the alternative facet health facility has finished the inventory of closing may additionally’s anti-rabies injections in October.

consistent with the assets, currently aforementioned vaccine is being imported from India, however due to adverse political situation, Pakistan could not get the vaccine. Aside from that, except for India, this vaccine isn’t prepared everywhere within the world because of which availability of this vaccine has end up a chief difficulty. Sources say that although sanatorium is financially and administratively self-sufficient and health center’s board of governance’s Chairman physician Nosherwan Burki who's close relative of PM Imran Khan couldn’t boost the problem on federal degree.

published in the specific Tribune, November 27th, 2018.