(net desk) – Pakistan faces the nuisance of Quacks; imposters posing as scientific practitioners, they're not handiest endangering the lives of the naive hundreds however also have rung the bells for unfold of HIV AIDS in Faisalabad.

there is an abundance of cellular clinics of these quacks around the famous Clock Tower or Ghanta Ghar chowk in Faisalabad.

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in step with a document with the aid of Allied health center AIDS’s manage programme 2680 cases of AIDS were suggested, of which 2300 are male and 300 are women.

health branch is pretty concerned at the clean mobility of Quacks who are the main cause at the back of the spread of HIV as they use unsterilized and rusted instruments on all the patients coming for a take a look at-up with the Quack dentists etc.

residents of Faisalbad are gravely worried approximately such imposters who are playing with the lives of the poor masses who can’t have the funds for to go to decent clinics due to the excessive amount of fee charged with the aid of the actual practitioners.

Provincial Minister of Punjab for number one and secondary healthcare Dr Yasmin Rashid has assured to take stern action towards the quacks, also the health care commission is being reorganized.

‘New board for the fitness care commission has been formed. Interviews are being conducted for the new CEO who will quickly join us and hopefully will enforce the regulations and guidelines towards quacks,’ she delivered.

residents are skeptic and trust a few gross misconduct on part of the fitness department without the patronage of whom Quacks cannot work freely.


Saadia Ali