– As critical as net has end up in this fast and contemporary generation, you could share your WiFi or phone facts without sharing your password with others now.

internet has become one of the basic requirements of existence as no man or women can live without it in these days’s global. Your circle of relatives and buddies agree with that you will proportion your internet with them out of doors or while traveling as WiFi isn't to be had everywhere.


you may share your net or others can connect with your network via QR code, with out the hustling of sharing your private password.

It is straightforward for each iOS and Android customers thru those few easy steps:

before we start, it's miles really worth mentioning that there are many web sites that may convert your WiFi name and passwords into QR codes. Few of those web sites are:



Step 1: observe any of these or other web sites and selected ‘WiFi community’ or ‘WiFi Login’.
Step 2: inside the ‘SSID’ section, kind the call of the WiFi network.
Step three: kind the password within the dedicated section.
Step four: select the community kind. Commonly, WiFi right here is ‘WPA’:
Step five: click on on generate and down load the QR code.

as soon as downloaded, you may maintain the smooth replica of your QR code or even take out a hardcopy to sincerely scan it and use.

you could use your phones to scan those QR codes to hook up with the community.