The English Literary Society, in affiliation with the revolutionary Writers association, held the release of a fiction e book, Encounters, by Akif Rashid at Alhamra Adbi Baithak on Saturday.

The event become presided over with the aid of Dr Amra Raza.

The leader visitors were Amjad Tufail, Asim Butt, Syed Noor and Shahzad Rafique. The writers who spoke at the occasion covered Prof Anwarul Haq, Rubia Jilani, Raza Naeem, Atoofa Najeeb, Javaid Aftab and Tahir Bin Shahzad.

The speakers lauded the presentation of self-expression inside the ebook written in narrative style, terming it adventurous and experimental. Commending the ebook, they stated, only a few memories discovered internal conflicts, terrific complex sentences and author’s unfulfilled desires and aspirations.

They said the author overthrew lengthy standing traditions of expression and taken approximately a exchange in supplying life-like situations, keeping pace with current literary traits.

They said the testimonies exposed soft emotions, making the human beings realize to place their existence to excellent cause for advantage of the humanity.

published in , July 1st, 2019