London [uk], Jul 10 (ANI): united kingdom overseas Secretary Jeremy Hunt on Tuesday hit returned at united states President Donald Trump over his repeated assaults on top Minister Theresa may additionally, terming the remarks he made "disrespectful" and "incorrect".
"@realDonaldTrump friends speak frankly so i will: these comments are disrespectful and incorrect to our prime Minister and my usa. Your diplomats provide their personal reviews to @SecPompeo and so do ours!" he tweeted.

Underlining that diplomats ought to respect each other, Hunt said that united kingdom ambassador to the US, Kim Darroch, might continue to be in office if he have become the top Minister of the united states.
"You said the united kingdom/US alliance became the best in records and i agree but allies need to treat every different with appreciate as @theresa_may has continually accomplished with you. Ambassadors are appointed by means of the united kingdom government and if I become PM our Ambassador remains," he said in any other tweet.
both Hunt and his predecessor Boris Johnson are vying for the uk's top submit to update may additionally.
The united kingdom and the US had been at loggerheads after Darroch labelled Trump as "inept," "insecure," and "incompetent" inside the mystery cables which had been leaked to a united kingdom newspaper.
A united kingdom government legitimate showed the leak to CNN while affirming the facts in the compromised files to be genuine.
earlier inside the day, Trump had called Darroch a "very silly man" and raked up may additionally's "silly" managing of the Brexit technique, describing it as a "disaster", in a 2nd immediately day of blistering attacks on the uk authorities.
"The wacky Ambassador that the united kingdom foisted upon the usa isn't always someone we are pleased with, a very stupid guy. He must talk to his country, and top Minister may additionally, approximately their failed Brexit negotiation, and no longer be disillusioned with my criticism of the way badly it turned into treated," he had tweeted.
"I told @theresa_may a way to do this deal, but she went her personal silly way-changed into unable to get it executed. A disaster! I don't recognise the Ambassador however had been told he is a pompous fool. Inform him the USA now has the excellent economic system & navy anywhere within the international, by way of a ways," the US President had said.
Trump on Monday said that his management will "not" cope with Darroch, claiming that he isn't preferred or well concept of within the US.
He had also changed gears and slammed may for her dealing with of the Brexit technique, calling it a "mess".
The leak has the potential to spell hassle for the uk, as it may jeopardise a possible trade address Washington after Brexit, or uk's drawing close go out from the ecu Union (european). (ANI)