MANSEHRA: The residents and their nearby government representatives were given the carpeting of Hazara highway suspended here in Panu Dahri location on Tuesday to protest the alleged exchange inside the dual carriageway master plan.

The protesters stayed put for plenty hours shouting slogans towards the countrywide motorway Authority.

“An underpass, that is a part of the Hazara motorway master plan, hasn’t built on Panu Dahri avenue until now, so many villages have been reduce off from Mansehra city and its suburbs,” member of the district council Fida Khan said.


The councillor said if the NHA didn’t build underpass or overhead bridge to link sides of the Panu Dahri street, the residents might no longer handiest flow the court docket of regulation but they would also block work on Hazara highway until their demands have been met.

The protesters dispersed peacefully afterwards and met assistant commissioner Talat after additional AC Sher Ali confirmed up and convinced them to permit resumption of work on the Hazara highway.

Ms Talat referred to as the applicable NHA officers to her office these days (Wednesday) on the matter.

She additionally requested the NHA no longer to renew paintings on the motorway till the problem became settled.

VACCINATION recommended: The ulema, civil society individuals and previous lawmakers on Tuesday entreated the people to make certain vaccination of their youngsters towards polio to prevent their lifetime disability.

“The reporting of new polio cases inside the neighbouring Torghar is an alarming occasion. If we refuse to manage polio drops to our kids, they'll face the hazard of being crippled with the aid of the virus,” district prayer chief Mufti Mujeebur Rehman informed a seminar in Oghi on Tuesday.

The seminar organised by using the tehsil management was attended by using human beings from all walks of life.

Qari Ahsanullah Qadri said Islam didn’t disallow the usage of any medicinal drug towards diseases, together with polio, whilst former MNA Nawabzada Salahudden Saeed referred to as for efforts to counter baseless propaganda against polio vaccination.

posted in sunrise, July tenth, 2019