KARACHI: A Senior Preventive Officer of the Customs was shot useless and a sepoy significantly injured while a Customs anti-smuggling squad become ambushed by means of the smugglers on Tuesday [July 8] at Karora Lukh, a hilly pass near Sonmiani seaside, 40 miles west of Karachi. A reinforcement of armed Customs birthday celebration has been sent to tune down the smugglers. Except, Indus Rangers and Lasbella Police have already began combing the place on the lookout for the absconding killers.


The frame of the SPO, Mr Himayat Ali Siddiqi, 37, stated to be liable for seizure of smuggled goods in Sonmiani territory to the music of over Rs one crore, changed into delivered the day past morning. After the postmortem the body become passed over to the bereaved circle of relatives.

An armed Customs celebration had proceeded on Tuesday afternoon towards Sonmiani seashore on statistics that smuggled watches and fabric were to pass through Karora Lukh. On accomplishing the spot, the officials divided into two groups, left the wi-fi-equipped jeeps on the road and commenced walking in unmarried report to occupy the strategic factor of Karora Lukh height of one,580 toes.

The party headed by using SPO Himayat Ali Siddiqi, whilst climbing the hillock, become approximately 150 ft faraway from the pinnacle while a ‘warning’ changed into sounded via the smugglers’ advance party already occupying the pinnacle key positions: “Don’t flow, drop your arms.”

posted in , July tenth, 2019