IF Pakistan had now not ventured into the JF-17 task a few 25 years ago, we would now not have loved the consideration and triumph within the aftermath of the Balakot incident.

A lesson that this victory has left for us is that wars can't be received only by means of the heroism and valour of the pilots however via strategic making plans to acquire the trendy weaponry. We ought to keep in mind that it takes 25 to 30 years to expand a fighter aircraft.

To rely on a few overseas power to replace your air strength stock is also no longer a sincere plan. An inevitable requirement of the time is to begin making plans for production of a fifth era stealth fighter plane in collaboration with China as JF-17s will no greater stay present day.

it is time a task for producing chinese J-20 turned into initiated in Pakistan to replace JF-17s in due direction of time and make PAF an green air pressure, 2nd to none.

Air Cdre (retd) Khayyam Durrani


posted in , July 10th, 2019