THE generation of liberalisation of the tv enterprise in our united states of america has converted the entire landscape of electronic media. Teams of latest writers, performers, anchors and administrators have emerged on the big and small monitors.

in this manner of transformation there have been many casualties.

. Pioneers who to begin with set up tv inside the united states and later nurtured the qualitative programming by using supplying some of the best hours to their visitors have either faded away or been eclipsed without gaining any rightful reputation.

Ghufran Imtiazi is this kind of case. He was one of those pioneering experts who enjoyed a reputation of a outstanding manufacturer of the country-owned television from within the ’60s and ’70s. He churned out some first rate performs and left a mark on the cultural scene of the united states.

As a well-stocked television professional, he was instrumental in bringing classical literature to the silver screen. He additionally added and groomed many personalities who later earned stardom in subsequent years.

Disciplined, dedicated and devoted Imtiazi passed away lately. He turned into an unsung and unheard man or woman. His meritorious contribution to the national network failed to convey any popularity or gratitude for him from any area. No authentic obituary was launched with the aid of the company where he committed his life.

The departments and ministries managing the media affairs may be busy with more pressing paintings, however i am positive a person might have observed some time to bid this proper man a farewell or at the least well known the services of an excellent drama producer.

H. J. Bilgrami


posted in sunrise, July tenth, 2019