ISLAMABAD: President Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and competition chief in national assembly Shehbaz Sharif has said that the worldwide economic Fund (IMF) file has revealed the Niazi authorities ‘lied with the parliament and people’.

“The authorities lied in the parliament that it had levied taxes of Rs500 billion but the IMF document divulged that taxes of Rs750 billion were imposed.”

Expressing dismay over the IMF record, the competition leader said that the ‘fascist authorities’ changed into imposing a burden of report taxes well worth 1.

.6 trillion on the people.

“the additional Rs90 billion taxes will be amassed from the salaried elegance and investors which is financial terrorism.”

Shehbaz stated that with the addition of recent taxes, the load of property taxes will growth by way of Rs45 billion.

Taking a jibe at the PTI authorities, the opposition chief cited, “New houses will no longer be constructed as a substitute humans can be pressured to promote out their homes”.

He added, “by using committing this kind of silly act, how can the chosen prime minster say five thousands and thousands homes may be constructed?”

The PML-N chief located that the fees of cement, lead, land, petrol, diesel and meals items had already expanded manifold and the government was now ‘adding fuel to the fireplace’.

He claimed that the authorities will not have the ability reap the tax targets, “as a substitute it turned into destroying the organizations of the humans”. He stated that such measures will in addition growth unemployment.

Protesting in opposition to the non-provision of home-cooked and limited food to former finest Nawaz Sharif in prison, Shehbaz located that the “fascist Nazi authorities may be responsible for any mishap brought on to the ex-prime minster”.

He known as at the government for providing secure food to Nawaz as in step with the recommendation of his physicians.

“Denying safe meals to Nawaz Sharif in jail is a testimony of killer mindset typical of Imran Khan,” he alleged.

He claimed, “Time has proved that Imran Niazi is not simplest with out competence to steer the human beings, but additionally lacks courage to tolerate the criticism”.