MUMBAI - Kerala jail DGP Rishiraj Singh made stunning revelations announcing that unexpected death of Bollywood actress Sridevi became no longer unintentional however a murder.

The DGP discovered, "My buddy instructed me that the loss of life might have been a murder. After I asked him out of interest over the dying, Dr Umadathan mentioned several circumstantial proof to prove that the actress  death was no longer unintentional."

"with out pushing by way of any individual, someone s legs or head could not drown in one-foot water inside the tub," he stated.

mythical Bollywood actress Sridevi had passed away in 2018 in Dubai in which she had long past to wait a family wedding ceremony. Her dying had left everybody unhappy and stunned on the same time while the news of surprising demise of Sridevi had pop out.