Time and time again, prominent figures show to us why it’s important to think before we post on our social media structures. Previously, a politician posted a fb stay press convention with a cat filter out on and in another instance, a news anchor careworn phone maker Apple with the fruit Apple.

currently, the Secretary-widespread of the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, tweeted a video displaying a aircraft on the runway narrowly lacking a collision with an oil tanker.


The flesh presser counseled the pilot’s ability and his calm kingdom of thoughts as he avoided the crash. But, it changed into found that the video changed into no longer of a real-existence situation, however rather a part of the gameplay from the quite popular online game Grand theft automobile.

“narrow break out of an plane that could have resulted in a exceptional disaster. Incredible shop by using the pilot’s presence of mind,” Gandapur said in his tweet and become acquired with criticism via the Twitterati for not being aware that it became a video game simulation.

The video published in the tweet is available on YouTube and if you view it, you will maximum probably have the ability to inform that it’s simulated.

however, there had been viewers on YouTube who had been no longer in a position to differentiate among truth and simulation once they watched the video, so this instance can either serve for example of the heights that modern-day computer graphics have reached or of the growing amount of human beings in recent times who don’t try and pick out fact from fake information.

this article originally appeared on Vice.