FAISALABAD – The food department in Faisalabad has halted the deliver of wheat to the flour turbines, which in consequence has raised fees of flour within the open marketplace.

Wheat was being provided at the price of Rs1,three hundred per 40 kg, and it become being bought at Rs1,450 in keeping with forty kg in open markets.

meanwhile, millers have extended the charge of flour drastically, forcing consumers to take a costly experience.

Attributing flour price hike to growing wheat prices in open marketplace, the chairman of the Flour generators affiliation has asserted that the government should make sure the deliver of wheat in the course of entire yr.

on the other hand, the district meals controller told the media that consistent with the rules, the government halts supply of wheat from the month of April to September; but, a brand new strategy was being evolved to ensure the deliver of wheat till the quit of this month.

the general public has urged the district administration and the food branch to adopt effective measures for controlling expenses of wheat and flour, in place of doing handiest ‘paper work’.