choose Elton Pupo Nogueira ordered the company to pay for repairing "all the damages resulting from the tragedy," he stated in a courtroom declaration. The damages encompass the fatalities and damage to the local environment and economic system, he brought.

He did no longer specify how a great deal money the employer must pay, announcing the sum "continues to be not feasible to quantify completely by technical-medical standards."

but, the decide maintained a freeze on 11 billion reals (€2.58 billion; $2.Nine billion) of the employer's assets to be used to cowl the damages.

First conviction

In a statement released following the ruling, Vale said it reaffirmed its "overall dedication to honest and quick reparations for the damages induced to families, network infrastructure and the surroundings."

On January 25, a containment dam at an iron ore mine ruptured in southwestern metropolis of Brumadinho.

The rupture sent a wave of toxic mining waste and dirt over the website online and into the close by city, overlaying miners and citizens.

The reliable death toll stands at 248, even though 22 human beings are still lacking. The disaster was one of the worst business accidents in Brazil's history.

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