Researchers at the university of Tübingen and the university of Athens on Wednesday stated they identified the earliest contemporary human remains observed out of doors Africa.

Apidima 1 — a Homo sapiens skull fragments located in a Greek cave in the Seventies — turned into anticipated to be 210,000 years vintage. The studies crew used ultra-modern laptop modeling and uranium relationship to pick out the fragments' age.

"It suggests that the early dispersal of Homo sapiens out of Africa no longer best passed off in advance, before 200,000 years in the past however also reached further geographically, all of the manner to Europe," said Katerina Harvati, a paleoanthropologist on the college of Tübingen.

"this is something that we did now not suspect earlier than, and which has implications for the population motion of these historical organizations," she delivered.

'several dispersals' out of Africa

"instead of a unmarried exit of hominins from Africa to populate Eurasia, there need to had been several dispersals, a number of which did not bring about everlasting occupations," said Eric Delson, an anthropologist at town university of new York.

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