Wednesday's send-off for a automobile in metal-blue became the final of 1.7 million "New Beetles" produced with the aid of Volkswagen in Mexico, and ended more than seven "very essential" many years of manufacture, said the German car large.

Volkswagen's Puebla works, southeast of Mexico city, might, but, maintain generating extraordinary VW models, along with the golfing and Jetta, while focusing on electric powered and larger circle of relatives vehicles for the united states.


At Wednesday's ceremony, complete with mariachi band and confetti, VW Mexico CEO Steffen Reiche stated the era had ended for a automobile that had "conquered the hearts of the people with its special design and excellent."

"nowadays is the final day. It has been very emotional," he said. 

Devised under Hitler

the primary "Beetle," or okäfer in German, was conceived inside the 1930s with the aid of a layout crew led by using engineer Ferdinand Porsche, tasked via German dictator Adolf Hitler.

submit-struggle, in Allied-occupied Germany, the car changed into rebranded and went into mass production. Exports of the reputedly robust automobile, with a rear air-cooled motor, began to the us in 1949.

stimulated film man or woman

In Mexico metropolis, -door variations, popularly known as "vochos," became ever-gift as taxis.

authentic terminated in 2003

The original Beetle collection become sold in Germany up until 1985, latterly as Beetles imported from Mexico. Meeting in Mexico was terminated in 2003, ending a complete run of 21.Five million automobiles produced.

In 1997, Pueblo had already all started production of the successor "New Beetle," emulating the authentic's round shape. A second-era "New Beetle" accompanied in 2011.

Climbed hills "without trouble'

Mexico city locals on Wednesday said the the front-engine "New Beetle" failed to electrify.

"the brand new ones don't get uphill, and the old ones can climb any incline with out a hassle," stated taxi driver Adrian Martinez.

Businessman David Alvarez said his 2008 New Beetle with a roll-down top nevertheless "turns quite a few heads in the streets."

Mechanic Juan Jose Fragoso said spare elements to fix older Beetles had emerge as "very scarce," leaving him dependent on a commercial enterprise partner who sold and disassembled broken or deserted so-called kind 1 Beetles.

The very last car produced Wednesday will continue to be at Volkswagen's museum in Puebla.

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