ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of sales (FBR) has proposed computerized methods for facilitation of import of uncooked substances and intermediaries for industries.

The proposed tactics are aimed toward improving the device of issuance of exemption certificate underneath section 148 of the income Tax Ordinance, 2001. However, it'll handiest be finalised after getting comments from all stakeholders.


the new device is based on computerized hazard-based mechanism to lessen processing time and eliminate useless delays inside the issuance of exemptions certificates. Underneath the procedures, public/private restrained groups will offer checklist 17 data on-line for processing via the device.

The earnings tax commissioner will trouble exemption certificates within seven days for a public restrained corporation and 10 days for personal. Aside from those, exemptions could be issued to all other individuals inside 15 days of filing of application thru the automatic system.

In case the commissioner fails to do so at the utility inside the scheduled time, the machine will problem certificates to the taxpayer. But, such exemption certificates issued to all men and women, except public and personal limited, may be provisional.

The device will now not issued computerized certificate in case an challenge has been issued by the commissioner within seven days of filing of the software, CPR of discharge of tax liability is not available within the machine, annexure to SRO717 of 2014 has no longer been crammed in the gadget and the taxpayer has applied for substitution of uncooked cloth to be imported.

The exemption certificate robotically issued can be revoked via the commissioner any time if it involves the knowledge that any of the prescribed situations have not been fulfilled after giving an possibility of being heard.

Plant, machinery retention length reduced

thru a separate note on Wednesday, the FBR reduced the retention period of plant, equipment and system introduced underneath export facilitation schemes from 10 to 5 years.

The export-oriented devices (EOU) also are allowed to dispose off their equipment prior to five years after payment of duty and taxes in opposition to the special depreciated fees after 3 years.

A notification SRO747 of 2019 become issued here through amending the Export-oriented devices and Small and Medium businesses regulations, 2008. But, those amendments may be finalised after getting input from all stakeholders inside 15 days.

As in line with amendments, the export-oriented devices will pay full obligation and taxes if intend to promote or otherwise dispose off their equipment earlier than the expiration of three years from the date of importation. The devices will should pay seventy five per cent of obligation and taxes in case of selling or eliminating machinery after three years and earlier than 4, from the date of importation.

The devices pays 50pc of the responsibility and taxes in case the gadgets intend to promote or take away equipment after four years and before 5 from the date of importation. No duty will be charged on units which either promote or eliminate machinery after 5 years from the date of importation.

furthermore, the replacement elements of equipment and spares are also allowed removal after 3 years from the date of import from EOU challenge to mutilation or scrapping underneath the supervision of an officer not underneath the rank of an assistant collector.

published in , July 11th, 2019