RAWALPINDI: A overseas office spokesman these days [July 10] absolutely dominated out the opportunity of Pakistan’s participation inside the convention reportedly proposed to be convened at Kabul to talk about the idea of nearby co-operation and transit trade between India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and the Soviet Union as long as essential disputes between Pakistan and India have been not settled.

requested to touch upon the idea, lately mooted via the Soviet prime Minister, the spokesman stated: “as long as family members between Pakistan and India continue to be bedeviled via main disputes any talk of regional cooperation which includes the two countries could be unrealistic”. “besides”, he added, “our view is that the concept has little economic gain for Pakistan.” The spokesman termed as mere speculations overseas Press reviews raising hopes approximately Pakistan’s attractiveness of the concept.

In precept, Pakistan favours the idea of nearby co-operation and this is occur from her function within the RCD. However it's far obvious that regional co-operation is viable best on the idea of sound bilateral and political relations and not unusual goals between the international locations involved. Any speak of such co-operation turns into meaningless if of the essential contributors have unsettled primary disputes and, as a end result, peculiar family members. — Correspondent

posted in sunrise, July eleventh, 2019