(Reuters) - global business Machines Corp proposed adjustments to a 1996 law that protects net businesses from liabilities related to what customers post on their platforms.

In a weblog post on Wednesday, IBM called for a clean look at segment 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA 230), which exempts developers of on-line services from lawsuits stemming from user-posted content together with eating place critiques or social media images.

“We really agree with corporations ought to additionally be held legally responsible to use affordable, not unusual-feel care in relation to moderating on-line content material,” Ryan Hagemann, an IBM authorities and regulatory affairs era coverage executive said within the weblog post.

Silicon Valley has long antagonistic efforts to rewrite the decades-vintage Communications Decency Act, which has been credited with assisting the fast increase of net agencies during the last 20 years.

a few lawmakers and legal professionals have argued that the statute, CDA 230, has been broadly interpreted to provide organizations an excessive amount of leeway in averting duty for harmful content material.

The regulation at present is an expansive liability protect for internet companies for moves that occur on their systems, regardless of whether the platform turns a blind eye to unlawful pastime, Hagemann said.