Bilal Khan's fashion tips are easy: "Be yourself, be assured and don't care about what people say".

We simply had to recognise; he's has been serving up some eyebrow-raising appears on Instagram recently — in a terrific manner! While maximum of our male celebs select to stick to traditional (examine: boring) looks, Khan isn't afraid of experimenting together with his wardrobe (and hair!).

"I feel humans ought to be extra open to attempting out new thoughts in place of just sticking to primary stuff.

. I've a sense we might be seeing mass adoption of the colorful shiny shirts in Pakistan in coming days," shared Bilal in a talk with photographs.

after I asked the 'Bachaana' singer approximately his fashion transformation, going from simple tees to neon jackets and floral button-downs, he said it become an "interesting remark" as if it wasn't completely apparent. But I realised it's as it's been such an effortless transition for him, drawing inspiration from his travels or the road fashion he noticed.

"I'm currently dwelling in Montreal and the fashion sensibilities at the streets right here are pretty edgy which is probably a subconscious source of idea I guess."

That wasn't enough. We desired extra statistics. I saved pressing.

"I assume I were given bored of the clever, dapper style that I had turn out to be related to over the years and mainly after playing the man or woman of Shahram on Khamoshi. I surely experience experimenting, now not simply in style but even in matters just like the path of my tune or the color of my hair.

"I'm clearly open to embracing new ideas and occasionally it works and now and again it doesn’t however if i love it I do it no matter other people’s opinion. My Insta is turning proper now with vivid colours, whites, styles, and crazy stuff as it makes me glad and lightens my mood. Plus its summer season and my new song has that summer season vibe. It all suits together well."

in case you need to emulate Bilal's impeccable fashion, we also found out in which he shops!

"In Pakistan, i bought some stuff from Levi's or jackets from Republic through Omar Farooq. My sister hand-painted a custom denim jacket for me which is certainly one of my prized possessions and which set a pleasant tone for a shift in my style recreation. In Canada, it’s commonly Zara, membership Monaco, H&M, hole and so on. The brand is beside the point for me. If it’s quality, I’d even order it from unusual sources like my latest purple Ketnipz hoodie."

i used to be still extremely good curious to know how Bilal manages to get such cool pics and who his photographer is but he's preserving mum about that.

"That’s a thriller that a whole lot of human beings are seeking to remedy. A lot of my pals inquire from me, 'who is this man or woman who travels with you anywhere and takes most of these pix?' It’s a legitimate query because I might be in London or Toronto or anywhere but the mystery photographer is always there. I suppose I’ll allow it be a mystery for now.

in case you've been questioning if Bilal's returning to displays any time soon, we've got some bad information: "I didn’t sign any drama serials after Khamoshi as I wanted to recognition completely on track. I suppose drama serials are enough for me proper now as I really want to attention on generating, recording and releasing lots of new song. Perhaps after a while, I ought to try acting in some other drama. I never anticipated to get recognition from doing television. It’s a pleasant wonder for me."

but be anxious not, Bilal's present day EP cross four It released nowadays, which consists of four songs "all hand-made, self written, self produced and in English".

pay attention to one of the singles right here: