KARACHI: What are Pakistani women presently embarking on? A keto weight loss plan in a bid to undo all the indulgent harm the Niharis, Biryanis and Payas have precipitated.

however, losing weight isn't always everywhere near as easy as setting it on is, explains comic Faiza Saleem in her latest video. Ms humorous Bones breaks down how torturous weight-reduction plan can be in her own witty way!

all and sundry who has ever attempted to food plan will relate to those four phases of dieting truly properly.


1. Phase 1 – The realisation

Saleem starts offevolved off the video as this fierce lady on a quest to shed all those more pounds. Not anything can deliver her down: she has swapped the fitness programs on her phone for dieting, sourced masses of motivational costs that include ‘Sweat is simply your fat crying’ and a gym ordinary this is too formidable to follow.

2. Segment 2 – dieting on my thoughts

The Khawatoon is simplest one week in the keto weight loss program and already feels on pinnacle of the sector. She feels top notch, her pores and skin is glowing and salad is her new excellent buddy that fortunately also tastes scrumptious (as a minimum for now). It seems like she can't believe herself pre-weight loss plan and she will in no way, ever pass lower back to ingesting junk food. Allow us to see.

three. Segment three – The cravings

All of a sudden weight-reduction plan isn't so clean for Saleem. She goes via lack of carbs and the sugar cravings have became her healthy glow into a pallid gray. The Queen of pun has become a drama queen wherein she can not prevent considering rice and is overreacting on her friend’s lunch alternatives.

4. Phase four – The meltdown

It did now not quite cross in accordance to plan for Faiza ‘Keto food regimen’ Saleem. At this point in her so-called weight loss plan, she could not care less. She does not need to consider pale porridge with skimmed milk and kale no more. The handiest component so as to get her going now's a hearty part of rice and sugar. White rice. White sugar. That is all of the beast inner her wants.

Watch the whole video right here:


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