Shaan Shahid is certainly disenchanted with Shah Rukh Khan and it's about The Lion King.

It become introduced 2 weeks in the past that SRK might be dubbing Mufasa in the approaching reboot. He lately published a glimpse of the film providing Aryan Khan on twitter.

had been we surprised that The Lion King's Hindi dub reveal featured SRK so prominently? Sure, even James Earl Jones didn't get this kinda spotlight. But Shaan changed into disillusioned and for a larger purpose, thinking the point to a Hindi dub of the movie?

Writes Shaan, "Please don't damage an iconic film with [a] Hindi dub. No distinction in Shah Rukh's voice, it's like every other voice over he does for his movies. At least trade your voice expression for a lion's dub."

He adds, "James Earl Jones need to be giggling. What Shah Rukh didn't understand if that the characters inside the movie are sketched in line with the dubbing artists facial expressions... If you see Simba he resembles Matthew Brodrick."

appears like Shaan is angrier at SRK for the dub than the dub itself. Oh well, he can nevertheless enjoy the authentic reboot when it releases July 19.