(AFP) – Iran s innovative Guards said Thursday that the us and Britain will "strongly remorse" the seizure of a tanker off Gibraltar, the semi-reputable Fars information business enterprise said.

"If the enemy had made the smallest evaluation they wouldn t have completed this act," stated Rear-Admiral Ali Fadavi, deputy commander in leader of the innovative Guards, referring to the seizure of an oil tanker overdue last week by way of Gibraltar s police aided via British Royal Marines.

He delivered that the seizure of the tanker became "stupidity.

... A trait the american President has in spades and the British to some extent."

The Guards additionally denied on Thursday that they had in flip impeded a British oil tanker within the Strait of Hormuz in a declaration posted via the force s Sepahnews web site. "there has been no confrontation inside the last 24 hours with any foreign vessels, such as British ones," the statement said.

Britain s government stated Thursday three Iranian boats had tried to "obstruct the passage" of a British oil tanker in Gulf waters, forcing uk warship HMS Montrose to intrude.

The Guards  statement said that if they were ordered to capture foreign vessels they could accomplish that "at once, decisively and in a timely fashion."

Iran s overseas Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif referred to as reports alleging that the Guards tried to hinder the British oil tanker "claims to create anxiety (within the area,) those claims are nugatory," the reputable nation news enterprise IRNA suggested.

referring to final week s seizure of a tanker off Gibraltar, Fadavi said that the vessel had "been leased" to "switch shipment."

Iran condemned the detention as an "illegal interception," however Gibraltar officials stated that the cargo was believed to be destined for Syria, which is subject to ecu sanctions.

The 330 metre (1,000 ft) Grace 1 tanker, able to sporting million barrels of oil, changed into halted on July four.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned Britain on Wednesday of the "effects" of what he described as "a silly act". "I factor out to the British which you initiated lack of confidence (on the seas) and also you shall grasp the results of it in a while," Rouhani stated in feedback to the cupboard broadcast with the aid of nation television.

On Monday Iran s defence minister had vowed to respond to Britain s pass, which he known as an act of maritime piracy.

Brigadier-widespread Amir Hatami said it "will now not be tolerated by us." Iranian-US tensions have spiked in current weeks, with Washington blaming Tehran for multiple assaults on ships, and the Islamic republic capturing down an American surveillance drone.