ISLAMABAD – Capital development Authority (CDA) Thursday determined to seal 59 commercial plazas of federal capital over nonpayment of taxes. The homes are located in posh regions of Islamabad.

As according to information, CDA’s sales branch has compiled a listing of those commercial plazas and shopping centers which have no longer paid their taxes. 24 tax defaulter buildings are placed in zone I-10 even as zone I-9 and quarter I-eight have eight homes every.

area G-6 and blue location of federal capital have four homes every within the listing of CDA. Sector F-8, quarter F-10 and G-10 have 3 buildings every whose taxes have no longer been paid. Two commercial plazas of F-eleven would additionally be sealed due to nonpayment of dues.

assets stated similarly sectors of Islamabad might be blanketed within the listing in coming days.