ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ashab Irfan on Thursday induced a first-rate disenchanted in the Penang Junior Open Squash Championship doing away with fifth seed Hong Kong’s Au Lap guy to transport into quarter-finals of U-17 contest.

Ashab defeated man 3-1 (eleven-7, five-eleven, eleven-9, eleven-five).

meanwhile, junior Pakistani gamers Abdullah Nawaz and Huzaifa Ibrahim after defeating their combatants additionally moved into the region-finals in the U-13 and U-15 events respectively on Thursday.

inside the U-thirteen fourth round fit, Abdullah defeated Malaysian Aden Igwan even as in U-15 Huzaifa also beat a Malaysian Veroon grasp.

two other Pakistani players, Humam Ahmad and Mohammad Hanif misplaced their fourth spherical suits within the U-15 events. Within the U-19 event, Naveed ur Rehman misplaced his fourth round fixture against Darryal Gan Zi of Malyasia and in the U-17 girls occasion, Amna Fayyaz changed into beaten Malaysia’s Wong Heng Wai.

posted in sunrise, July twelfth, 2019