DW: In July, you met with Taliban negotiators in Doha all through a peace convention facilitated by Germany. Do you see any exchange within the Taliban's stance on human rights?

Shaharzad Akbar: The Taliban leadership claims that its views on human rights have gone through a metamorphosis in latest years. But in case you look carefully, you don't see a huge alternate in their role.

. The Taliban, as an instance, declare that they now have a miles lenient method toward girls's rights in evaluation to their stance in the course of their rule in Afghanistan (from 1996 to 2001). However reports from the regions which are under the Taliban's control show a exceptional photo. They show that the institution maintains to address ladies in a similar way.

also, the Taliban were stressful the implementation of Islamic laws in Afghanistan. We requested them in Qatar: Which Afghan legal guidelines did they don't forget un-Islamic? They didn't say something unique. In addition they didn't inform us which legal guidelines they wanted to repeal.

All legal guidelines in Afghanistan observe Islamic teachings. The truth that the Taliban have a trouble with these laws indicates that they consider in a strict interpretation of Islam that they need to impose on Afghans.

this is why we accept as true with that the Taliban's function on human rights is a purpose for difficulty as we don't see any shift in the institution's lengthy-held role on the issue.

A UN record has blamed the Taliban for the general public of the civilian casualties in Afghanistan. The united states and the Taliban are actually seeking to finalize an agreement in Doha to cease the 18-year-lengthy struggle. Rights activists say that a likely deal can be unjust to the victims' households. What's your stand on this difficulty?

The people's voices ought to be heard. It's far mainly civilians which have died in Taliban assaults. Having said that, I need to upload that it is not just the Taliban which have inflicted civilian casualties; worldwide forces, too, are answerable for them. That is why, if we forget about the detail of justice in a capacity settlement, Afghanistan will now not have lasting peace.

We ought to make certain that every one these crimes are investigated. If that does not occur, we can't give up the cycle of revenge in Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan impartial Human Rights fee (AIHRC) cannot force the negotiating sides to include crook investigations in the peace manner, however we can conduct polls to inform them what the humans actually need.

each america and the Taliban are positive about a settlement in Doha. What's your take at the negotiations?

it's far a count number of difficulty that the destiny of Afghanistan is being discussed with out the participation of Afghans. It indicates that the negotiating parties do now not sense accountable to the humans of Afghanistan. The Afghan authorities ought to provide information of those negotiations to Afghan residents. But as Kabul is not concerned yet, it can't.

Zalmay Khalilzad, america unique envoy for Afghanistan, has said again and again that the continuing talks in Doha aren't centered on Afghanistan's inner troubles. He says that the ones problems might be mentioned during intra-Afghan talks later. But in my opinion, the us-Taliban talks in Doha will have consequences for Afghanistan's inner scenario as properly. Therefore, human rights activists have extreme worries about the continuing negotiations in Doha.

The AIHRC wants the basic rights of Afghan residents safeguarded in the ongoing peace manner. It have to be a priority. It's miles important for us due to the fact the technique ought to determine which path Afghanistan would take in the future.

We want the assurance that the voices of normal Afghans are heard all through the peace talks. Any deal between the us and the Taliban that likely undermines the basic rights of Afghan civilians should be prevented.

Shaharzad Akbar is the top of the Afghanistan impartial Human Rights fee (AIHRC).