Deutsche Welle: international readers are tons awaiting the August 27 e-book of the latest "Millennium" novel, The girl Who Lived two times. But they are additionally disenchanted that, after 3 books, this is truly going to be your final "Dragon Tattoo" tale. Did you fall out of love with Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist?

Your continuation of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" collection has been extraordinarily successful.

. The first two books sold tens of thousands and thousands of copies and were tailored into films together with The woman in the Spider's net (2018). Did the publishers exert strain on you to preserve?

sure, plenty of strain. They requested me, and that they asked me time and again if I want to jot down some greater sequels. But I'm sincerely positive that this is it. That is my first-rate e-book, I suppose, the third, my final. So for me it's time to transport on.

How difficult is it to reimagine memories in a placing and with protagonists that someone else at the start invented? Did you straight away say yes to the mission?

at the start i used to be definitely pleased. I type of screamed: "yes I need to do it!" due to the fact I cherished the characters, loved the books and saw the task. But then after some time of route, i was scared, scared if I truly should do it and write with the identical exceptional. So of course there's been quite a few pressure, and occasionally ache. However in the end, it's been hilarious, genuinely super.

How plenty Stieg Larsson is there nonetheless to your "Millennium" stories and characters? Or have they absolutely come to be your very own now?

They experience like my own. I suggest there has been a genius who created them; but they in reality experience like mine, and i saw it as part of my challenge to feature something to the characters, add to the mythology, lead them to a touch extra complicated.

This extremely good sturdy girl in this, my very last e book, will sooner or later show some weakness. She can hesitate, and i have usually type of been dreaming approximately that. To make her break a bit bit because she's always a lot beneath control and so strong. So this time, she suggests a chunk of weak point and hesitates in a very last dramatic situation.

whilst you commenced the continuation of the series in 2013, and when The girl inside the Spider's net was posted in 2015, there was a few controversy as to whether it was proper for any other creator to complete what Stieg Larsson began. Has that been given that settled? 

The wind has shifted. It's absolutely one-of-a-kind. You should have visible the Swedish press again then, before the publication. They have been loopy, and everybody turned into going after me, i used to be everywhere in the headlines: "How could he do this?" there was definitely a media hurricane. I was laying in my bed, actually bowled over. I apprehend how the Millennium books engaged people.

but you understand, a month later the wind modified directions. I got superb reviews from the Der Spiegel, The ny instances, Le Monde, The parent, and readers started writing: "Oh God, i love that she's returned, that it's returned."

It's such a joy for me to recognise that this has been suitable, no longer most effective for me, however for Stieg Larsson. Now a new technology reads his books, and we are creating a documentary about his political work. I think this is really a win-win, due to the fact the figures are even extra iconic now.

You started out your profession as a criminal offense reporter for country wide newspapers. Does crime fiction need fact and statistics? 

As against the law writer, you may do anything you want. But I assume it's simpler to write crime fiction in case you know approximately the reality. If you want to put in writing fiction, it's superb to do journalistic studies. In order that's what I continually try to do. I usually try and dig in. I used to say that right newshounds need literary approach, but suitable fiction, top literature always wishes journalistic research. You have to recognise what you're writing approximately.

You have become famous as a author of biographies, consisting of "i'm Zlatan Ibrahimovic," the life tale of the soccer icon. Will you go again to writing biographies now, or will you write greater crime tales?

nicely, no, i'm able to stay with crime. I have this concept that i myself at the least assume is fantastic. I'm certainly pleased. So now I must prove that I ought to write similarly properly books with my very own characters. 

can you inform us any extra? 

I don't have a identify yet, but I recognize that i'm able to flirt a touch with Sherlock Holmes, but a more depressive, darker Sherlock Holmes. And i'm able to have a woman type of Dr. Watson from the suburbs. So i have one character from the top class and one from kind of the ghetto. The finest undertaking is that i will write as a female. A girl from a extraordinary historical past than I. That's truly a undertaking.

Has the date of publishing been set?

sure, 2021. I've simply signed a agreement for 3 books with my Swedish publishing house, and then we will sell it internationally at the Frankfurt e book fair. So I may be coming to Germany as properly.

Born in 1962, David Lagercrantz published numerous novels as well as non-fiction titles in his professional ability as a journalist and writer. In 2013, the authentic publisher of Stieg Larsson's especially famous "Millennium" collection in Sweden and Larsson's own family chose Lagercrantz as Larsson's successor to keep his unfinished "Dragon Tattoo" collection. Lagercrantz' additional, notably successful books were observed through film diversifications. The female Who takes an eye for a watch of 2017 speedy went to the top of the ny times bestsellers list.