ISLAMABAD (APP) – The exports from the united states, in rupee term, surged by 22.Sixty eight percent in the course of the primary 8 months of the contemporary economic yr compared to the corresponding period of final 12 months, Pakistan Bureau of information (PBS) said.

The exports from the usa all through July-January (2019-20) had been recorded at Rs.

. 2,439,949 million in opposition to the exports of Rs. 1,988,938 million in the course of July-January (2018-19), displaying boom of twenty-two.Sixty eight percent, in line with the provisional figures launched by using the bureau.

meanwhile, on yr-on-yr basis, the exports from the country multiplied by using 26.71 percentage at some stage in the month of February 2020 whilst in comparison to the equal month of closing year. The exports in February amounted to Rs. 330,188 million compared to the exports of Rs. 260,592 million in February 2019.

The exports on month-on-month expanded with the aid of 7.91 percent all through February this 12 months while in comparison to the exports of Rs. 305,986 million in January this 12 months.

the primary commodities of exports for the duration of February, 2020 were readymade clothes (Rs. Forty three,282 million), knitwear (Rs. 39,854 million), bed wear (Rs. 31,754 million), cotton fabric (Rs. 29,313 million), rice others (Rs.19,407 million), cotton yarn (Rs. 15,063 million), towels (Rs. 12,267 million), veggies (Rs.Nine,983 million), culmination (Rs. 9,945 million) and made-up articles, aside from towels and bed put on (Rs. 9,287 million).

alternatively, the imports at some point of July–February (2019 – 2020) totaled Rs. 4,915,448 million as in opposition to Rs. Four,798,328 million throughout the corresponding duration of remaining yr displaying an increase of two.44 percent

during the month of February 2020, the imports amounted to Rs. 645,648 million as towards Rs. 639,572 million in January, 2020 and Rs. 574,036 million at some point of February 2019 showing an growth of 0.Ninety five% over January, 2020 and of 12.48% over February 2019.

the principle commodities of imports during February 2020 were petroleum products (Rs. Ninety seven,180 million), petroleum crude (Rs. 35,693 million), natural gasoline, liquified (Rs. 32,271 million), plastic materials (Rs. 31,283 million), uncooked cotton (Rs.30,010 million), palm oil (Rs.27,993 million), electricity producing machinery (Rs.22,792 million), iron and metallic (Rs.22,555 million), electric machinery and equipment (Rs.22,187 million) and iron and metallic scrap (Rs. 20,326 million).