In response to the coronavirus pandemic, public cultural lifestyles has been shut down. Watching movies at home is one of the ultimate secure leisure options in instances of social isolation.

past streaming platforms which includes Netflix, Amazon and co., DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs could be going out of favor, however they still offer some classics of film records that won't be in any other case to be had on-line. 

here are a few guidelines of works providing a non-public interpretation of the concept of time, which has suddenly taken on a totally distinct which means within the modern-day context. These aren't brief-paced action films aiming to merely entertain, however instead works transmitting a selected feeling of time. Films that dive into the essence of factors, with human beings reflecting at the meaning of existence and humanity's existence.

We're all hoping for the give up of this period of isolation while the arena overcomes the coronavirus disaster. That's why this list of philosophical films additionally includes more recent titles that haven't been released on line yet. They're also characterized by way of a slower tempo, carefully letting the protagonists' story unfold. Hopefully, they'll get to be shown — as intended — at the big display.