THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — a pair of dual polar endure cubs have made their public debut at a Dutch zoo -- however without the public due to coronavirus regulations.

there was no sign of social distancing among the three-and-a-half-month-vintage cubs and their mother as they carefully ventured out of the maternity den on the Ouwehands Zoo on Wednesday morning.

The twins stuck near their mom, called Freedom, as they explored their outdoor enclosure for the first time since they have been born on Nov. 27.

In video launched with the aid of the zoo, Freedom kept a near eye on her cubs and lightly licked the top of 1 as it suckled.

The cubs are the made of a european breeding application supposed to help keep the endangered species.

The gender of the cubs isn't but recognised. As soon as that is set up, probably when they take their first swim, the zoo has two male names -- Yuku and Atlas -- and two girl names -- Yura and Nova -- ready.

The Ouwehands Zoo within the primary metropolis of Rhenen has been pressured to close its doorways by means of a central authority ban, in force till at the least April 6, on gatherings of extra than a hundred humans.