DUBAI (Reuters) - the us have to elevate sanctions if Washington wants to assist Iran to include the coronavirus outbreak, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday, adding that Iran had no aim of accepting Washington’s provide of humanitarian help.

“American leaders are lying ..

.. If they need to help Iran, all they need to do is to boost sanctions .... Then we can deal with the coronavirus outbreak,” Rouhani stated in a televised speech.

Iran is the middle eastern state worst hit by coronavirus, with round 1,seven-hundred deaths, over 21,000 infected people and one character dying from the virus every 10 minutes, in line with the fitness ministry.

Washington has offered humanitarian assistance to its longtime foe. But the united states of america’s pinnacle authority supreme chief Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday rejected the provide.

Tensions between the 2 countries were running excessive given that 2018, when U.S. President Donald Trump exited Tehran’s 2015 nuclear address six international powers and reimposed sanctions which have crippled the Iranian economic system.

Iranian government have blamed U.S. Sanctions for hampering its efforts to scale down the outbreak and Rouhani has advised individuals to call on their authorities to boost sanctions as Iran fights the coronavirus.

“U.S. Is not listening, impeding global fight in opposition to #COVID19. The most effective remedy: DEFY U.S. Mass punishment. Ethical & PRAGMATIC vital,” Tweeted Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday.

however the u.S. Has despatched Iran a blunt message: the spread of the virus will not save it from U.S. Sanctions that are choking off its oil sales and setting apart its economic system.

“you have blocked Iran’s oil exports, you have got stopped Iran’s banking transactions... Your assist provide is the most important lie within the records,” Rouhani said.