LAHORE - Punjab health Minister Yasmin Rashid has confirmed death of first coronavirus patient in Lahore. In a tweet she said, the fifty seven-yr-antique patient identified as Afrasiyab, who became admitted in Mayo clinic, lost his existence these days (Saturday).

The minister similarly said: “those are indeed difficult instances for the complete us of a. Simplest way we will combat this pandemic is through staying indoors and following the precautionary measures.”

In Punjab, 249 people had been tested fine to this point.

in advance on Monday, Punjab leader Minister Usman Buzdar introduced a 14-day partial lockdown inside the province a good way to take strict measures to incorporate the coronavirus by using making sure social distancing and self-quarantine aimed toward thwarting the emergence of new instances.

Parks and public places will remain closed and ban has been imposed on pillion driving, however, this restrict will not practice to households.  

Gatherings of a wide variety for social, religious or any other motive at any public or private have also been banned.

The notification said that health offerings consisting of hospitals, laboratories, scientific shops, and grocery shops will remain open.