MULTAN – After the proposal of handing over the Pakistan first rate League (PSL) 2020 trophy to Multan Sultans for topping the group stage surfaced, crew proprietor Ali Khan Tareen responded that trophies should be gained, now not given.

The Multan Sultans proprietor took to Twitter on Friday and shared his opinion regarding how to complete the PSL V. He stated it'd be ridiculous for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to simply provide Sultans the trophy.

“completing at No.1 way we had been the maximum dominant/ steady team, however it doesn’t imply we received. It'd be ridiculous for the PCB to simply give us the trophy. All four teams have the identical hazard of winning. Trophies have to be received, not given,” he stated.

“And as I’ve always said, trophies are not crucial. Helping gamers increase, giving them a platform and looking them excel is a lot more worthwhile. So that’s why I need the final video games to be played later within the yr so our nearby gamers get more opportunities to polish,” Ali Tareen delivered.


it's far pertinent right here to mention that the PSL playoffs have been postponed through the PCB after crowning glory of the group degree because of novel coronavirus. The governing frame had announced to reschedule the final suits following the normalization of state of affairs.