ISLAMABAD – Amid the coronavirus outbreak inside the us of a and consequent suspension of flight operation, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has suffered a lack of extra than Rs three.61 billion within the month of March.

according to legit documents, 212 flights have been canceled inside the first fifteen days of March. For the duration of those fifteen days, there was a lack of over Rs 455 million due to landings and other costs. The non-use of Pakistani airspace also ended in a lack of Rs one hundred forty four million.

From March sixteen to March 31, a total of 1469 flights had been canceled. The cancellation of these flights led to loss of Rs2268 million on landings and different costs. The non-use of airspace brought on lack of Rs751 million.

a total of 1681 flights were canceled in a single month and the closure of the flight oepration resulted in a loss of Rs 2723 million in terms of landing and different charges. The non-use of airspace led to lack of Rs 895 million. So, In a single month, the CAA incurred a complete loss of Rs 3618 million.