The Police — 'Don't stand so near me'

wherein the reluctant protagonist unearths himself interested in the advances of a young student who, er, gets too close. The trainer is pulled into a vortex of recriminations and accusations, as he attempts to extricate himself from an untenable state of affairs.

The band had been near, if not already, past their sell-by using date at this stage and barely on speaking phrases.

. Perhaps that's why Sting concept he could escape with rhyming "Nabokov" with "cough."

while we're at it:

'every breath you take'

Arguably the band's largest unmarried. A generally held perception is that this ditty is a love tune. It's not. It's about being stalked.

Germany is debating whether to use an app to song every move you are making, each step you're taking to set up who might also have come into contact with infected people and therefore pinpoint ability spreaders. Those affected could be required to go into quarantine. I'm no longer positive how popular this tune is in China.

Toto — 'Isolation'

Ah, consider them? Made of crack session musicians massive within the '80s, with even bigger hair and with their largest hit "Africa." Er, that's all.

journey — 'Separate approaches'

you'll have noticed: There's a bit of an '80's theme happening. Fronted with the aid of arguably one of the fine rock voices in the enterprise (Steve Perry), they had a run of huge, however bland hits and equally big terrible hair days.

 MC Hammer — 'U can't contact this'

many of you will have heard of or know a game known as "tornado." each player need to placed the applicable frame part on the relevant colour spot. If the body element is already on a niche of that shade, it's miles moved to every other spot of the same color. No players frame components can percentage the identical spot.

Now observe the ones contortions to trying to keep away from touching door handles, faucets, rest room seats, etc. See above for in addition notion. 

Britney Spears — 'poisonous'

Britney sings about the flavor of someone's lips and the flavor of a poison paradise. I don't assume she had Madonna in thoughts (who later included the music), but the two did famously share a smooch at the MTV Video music Awards in 2003.

R.E.M. — 'It's the end of the sector as we realize it (and that i experience nice)'

I'm glad Michael Stipe's feeling exceptional. Top good fortune trying to decipher what the singer of the Athens, Georgia, blend (who disbanded in 2004) goes on approximately, but I think he's pronouncing we're all doomed.

The Tragically Hip — 'get away is to hand for the travellin' guy'

not the pleasant recommendation proper now from the Canadian cult band, whose singer Gord Downie unfortunately passed away in 2017. In case you suppose Michael Stipe's lyrics are indirect, try Downie's.

Queen — 'every other one bites the dirt'

sure, I understand, very awful taste. However John Deacon's bass pattern is irresistible — despite the fact that he did as an alternative blatantly nab it from chic's "properly instances."

David Bowie — 'Is there life on Mars?'

nicely, not yet — but that can be an choice to get away the grip of the coronavirus. On 2nd idea: We may also catch some thing up there infinitely worse than COVID-19.

Bobby Conn — 'disaster'

Chicago-based punk/avant-garde musician. Play. This. Very. Loudly. (while you're at, do the same with the aptly named "recuperation"). Bowie fanatics have to check him out.

The Raconteurs — 'Consolers of the lonely'

Jack White and his mates (Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler — what could pass wrong?) basically sing approximately being cooped up. Spare a thought for those caught in old people's houses who can't see their loved ones.

The Beatles — 'assist!'

Are you listening, Boris Johnson? The countrywide health provider may want to do with a chunk more from you.

Van Morrison — 'The healing sport'

adorable song from the Irish bard about the artwork of street making a song in his fatherland of Belfast. Soothing, easy and silky — similar to a pint of quality Guinness to take the edge off.

Dr. Dre — 'I need a medical doctor' (providing Eminem & Skylar grey)

Yeah, Dre, who doesn't? Permit's wish our unity, admiration and admire for all the ones medical specialists operating tirelessly and selflessly endure past these bothered times.

Prince — 'signal of the instances'

can be. After all, there were prior warnings. Governments round the arena have pandemic emergency plans sitting in their drawers. Perhaps they ought to be updated. Possibly we'll be better prepared for the subsequent one.

Bee Gees — 'Stayin' alive'

yes. Please. The great piece of recommendation packaged into an unstoppable groove.

*This list does not declare to be exhaustive, nor does it necessarily mirror the author's flavor in track. For in addition thought, take a look at out the song platform of your desire.