Scheffer says, "from the beginning, we followed the traits and the spread of the virus with terrific challenge from the very starting.," aAdding that, "prettyIt  quickly, it have become clean to us that we had to do some thing to assist save lives." Profümed employs approximately one hundred fifty human beings at production centers inside the German country of Saxony, as well as in Austria.


Scheffer says, "each human existence we are able to keep although Interferon justifies us operating to relaxed an import license for the drug." He desperately desires to spare Germany the kind of public health disaster that Italy is presently enduring.

a way to get it here?

Cuban pharmaceutical employer BioCubaFarma says it'd want more or less 25 days to supply Profümed with enough of the drug to treat between 500 and 1,000 patients. Handing over it to Germany would soak up to 25 days. However first, as stipulated in Germany's Medicinal products Act (Arzneimittelgesetz, or AMG), German authorities have to approve the drug in Germany and furnish an import license. 

Scheffer contacted diverse German ministries and kingdom-degree departments in mid-March to attain both approval and an import license. Germany's Ministry for financial Affairs and energy knowledgeable him that his inquiry had been forwarded to the fitness Ministry. nonetheless, Scheffer says no matter following up with the ministry in writing, he in no way heard again from all people.

Scheffer additionally contacted Saxony's Social Affairs Ministry, yet once again acquired no solution. Whilst DW asked the ministry for comment, we acquired the following assertion: "To import capsules, you must detail criteria particular in the Medicinal products Act (approval, certified individual, storage and so on.)." furthermore, in line with the declaration, a sub-branch of Saxony's interior Ministry is liable for issuing import licenses.

Drugmaker have to prove effectiveness and safety

A spokesperson for Germany's Federal Institute for capsules and clinical gadgets (BfArM), meanwhile, advised DW that, "bringing any drug to Germany requires professional authorization." To gain it, a "pharmaceutical organization have to publish files proving the effectiveness, safety and high-quality of the drug."

The spokesperson stated that presently no drug is known to be effective in treating COVID-19. And added that tablets containing Interferon alfa are already to be had in Germany.

should the medication be imported to Spain?

it's also genuine that while IFNrec can be a promising drug, it's simply now not the silver bullet a few human beings on social media are making it out to be. Indeed, BioCubaFarma President Eduardo Martinez even publicly said in Havana that, "Interferon is a therapeutic product, no longer a vaccine."

despite the setbacks, Scheffer says he wants to keep looking to import IFNrec. He says, "If Germany doesn't want it, i'm able to have it brought to Spain," noting that he is presently engaged in promising talks to that stop.

Scheffer says he has been doing commercial enterprise with the Cubans for a while, and that they currently located an order for dressing cloth really worth loads of lots of euros along with his business enterprise. He thinks the Interferon shipment would function a form of payment guarantee and believes "they might deduct that rate from the price of the medication."