Germany accused the united states on Friday of confiscating thousands of shielding face masks that Berlin authorities have already paid for, calling it "an act of modern piracy."

The state of Berlin had ordered FFP2-class respirators for Berlin police officers, who retain to perform at some point of the disaster.

The chairman of the SPD parliamentary institution, Rolf Mützenich, said the confiscation become "unlawful" and called for the incident to be clarified.


"illegal methods have to no longer be used whilst procuring defensive masks. This is particularly true among companions … although they're in brief deliver," Mützenich advised DW.

"If the reports on such activities are showed, the federal authorities need to address the issue and contact for the results," he said.

'dominated with the aid of Wild West'

Geisel stated the kingdom of Berlin had purchased the masks from a US enterprise, but according to Germany's Tagesspiegel newspaper, they were synthetic in China.

"Even in times of global crisis, we must now not be dominated with the aid of Wild West methods," Geisel said, urging Germany's federal authorities to put pressure on america to abide by using international guidelines.

US multinational conglomerate 3M, a mass producer of health gadget, turned into additionally forced  by means of Washington to deliver america with as many kind-N85 respirator masks as possible.

US criticized by way of France and Canada

French politicians have also currently accused the usa of purchasing up clinical shielding equipment together with face masks in China that had been meant for France.

Valerie Pecresse, president of the tough-hit Ile-de-France vicinity, said this week that a cargo of shielding mask were snatched at the remaining minute with the aid of "people who made a higher bid," French information organisation AFP suggested.

"The individuals pay coins sight unseen, which obviously may be extra tempting for people just trying to make money off the whole global's misery," she said. Pecresse did now not supply similarly info on the customers.

meanwhile, Canadian top Minister Justin Trudeau stated Thursday he felt "concerned" by means of a document that a masks order arrived smaller than expected and that some of it was sold via "a better bidder."

"We keep in mind that the needs in the US are very good sized, however it's the same in Canada, so we have to work collectively," Trudeau said.

maximum nations worldwide, unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, don't have the potential to manufacture the hundreds of thousands of masks wanted on a daily foundation for health workers alone.

Many governments are turning to China and other Asian manufactures to fulfill the needs for scientific equipment.

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