German football will struggle to live on with out television cash. That became another time the overriding message as German football League (DFL) leader Christian Seifert fronted a virtual press convention on Tuesday.

"there's no one plan but, there are pretty a few extraordinary processes," the 50-yr-antique admitted.

. "however it's about finishing the season … I haven't treated a plan for leaving behind the season."

whilst which can appear is still up for debate. Seifert and the 36 first- and 2nd-division clubs hope still it can be finished by June 30, however they are entertain the concept of extending the modern-day season into July and beyond.

at the middle of the urgency to finish the season is the magic €750 million ($823 million) parent that Seifert revealed might be lost to the 36 clubs if the season is deserted.

The dependency of German soccer, and indeed the expert recreation across the world, on broadcast contracts has left the game susceptible. The message is obvious: if we don't play, some of us won't survive.

financial tightrope

It's difficult to determine whether or not or not that talk is alarmist, however the numbers make for grim analyzing.

according to the DFL's latest figures from 2018-19, media revenue accounts for 36 percent of Bundesliga clubs' general sales, observed with the aid of marketing (21%) and price ticket income (thirteen%).

That's approximately €2.8 billion, or 70%, of general income that revolves basically around matchdays. Deduct that revenue for the remaining 9 video games of the season and the constructing blocks start crumbling. The state of affairs is similar in the second division, even though on a lesser scale.

For the Bundesliga, canceling the season would value kind of €138 million in ticket sales, probably €225 million in advertising and marketing (depending at the contracts), and a whopping €350 million €400 million from media agreements.

Sustainability in query

thankfully, most German clubs are in exceptionally healthful monetary positions. Throughout the pinnacle two divisions, 28 of the 34 golf equipment published a earnings in 2018-19. They're commonly properly run and simplest spend inside their approach.

but the ability to pay participant and coach wages is completely reliant on tv money. On average, Bundesliga clubs spend 37% of total expenditure on participant/instruct salaries, an almost mirror photograph in their sales from media contracts. Inside the 2nd division, media sales (32%) also matches personnel salaries (31%).

It explains why a few clubs in Europe have advocated, enforced or commonplace pay cuts to their gamers and descriptions simply who benefits most from the sky-rocketing tv contracts dominating soccer.

at the same time as the players must be the main benefactors, they must additionally be the first to sense the pinch while that money dries up. It's a loss of foresight from clubs, but, that they have got never envisaged this sort of scenario.

One way to protect a similar economic disaster inside the future might be to feature clauses to player contracts, tying earnings to incoming media sales. For now, however, any other answer need to be discovered.

harmony required

even though the remaining fits are held behind closed doorways (casting aside concerns over safety and logistics), the consequences might be devastating for smaller clubs. Price ticket revenue remains essential for clubs operating on tighter budgets.

"There are numerous plans, you need to be flexible. We're wondering very cautiously approximately how we are able to cross on," Seifert said. "First and essential, it's far approximately protective everyone worried."

Seifert introduced there were talks about a cohesion fund in the course of the latest assembly, while the Bundesliga's Champions League representatives this season, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen, have already committed a blended €20 million towards a scheme.

but greater drastic measures are required. In 2018-19, most of the media revenue became shared amongst six golf equipment — €774 million from a pool of €1.Seventy three billion. That's almost 45% of the honey pot for simply six golf equipment.

playing out the rest of the season seems to be a deal-breaker for German football, but it can take extra from two events - the gamers and people six clubs — to guarantee the sport's future for the numerous, no longer simply the few.