the world's oldest mountain observatory is the meteorological observatory at Hohenpeissenberg, located in the foothills of the Alps approximately 60 kilometers southwest of Munich.

Meteorological measurements started there in 1781, and the station constantly works on "strategies to enhance climate forecast and emergency indicators," in step with its internet site.  From the start, it become a part of a climate remark network including dozens of stations unfold out from the Ural Mountains in Russia to North the us and from Greenland to the Mediterranean Sea.

while scientists now use algorithms and huge quantities of facts for climate forecasts, early climate predictions commonly relied on endurance, revel in and looking wildlife and recurring natural phenomena.  

Swallows and spiders, dew drops and thunderstorms: a few proverbs have been possibly more correct than others... Take a look at out the photo gallery for popular German climate lore.

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