On average, women live six to 8 years longer than men. At the least if they're handled nicely. But we've known that for pretty some time.


inside the animal state, the difference in life expectancy among ladies and men is even more than in people. For 60% of the animal species studied, ladies live on average 18% longer than their male conspecifics. The difference between ladies and men is sort of 8%.

X-chromosome, estrogen and premature death

ladies have two X chromosomes, whilst men have handiest one (they have a Y chromosome as a substitute).

Scientists suspect that biology holds its protective hand in a very comparable way over the woman animal global.

No danger, no a laugh, he said

those biological blessings might seem like blatant injustice, but they are now not the most effective cause why women live longer. Consistent with the WHO, that is additionally due to the reality that girls have a tendency to be much less inclined to take dangers.

In other phrases, girls usually smoke and drink much less and come up with silly thoughts less regularly. As I stated — less often. 

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even though the shorter lifespan of male animals can not be defined with the aid of excessive tobacco and alcohol intake, scientists suspect intercourse-particular behavior as one of the motives.

Longer life in the back of bars?

The researchers also suspect that it's miles beneficial to woman toughness if the male suggests himself to be the most committed father possible. This will make up for the health costs associated with start and elevating the offspring.

seeing that much is still hypothesis, greater data is needed to establish the real reasons for the difference in life expectancy.

the subsequent step may be to look at the lifespans of animals living in captivity with a view to evaluate it with that in their wild counterparts.

It remains to be visible whether or not all-inclusive care manner that zoo animals stay longer or whether or not the boredom of captivity is more likely to cause them to depressed and kill them in advance. 

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