Legend has it that in 1852 the give up of a extreme plague epidemic in Lyon changed into celebrated with a dinner party in honour of the Virgin Mary. Storms and floods prevented the celebrations planned for eight September. These have been made up on 8 December - illuminated by candlelight in all windows of the metropolis.

seeing that then every year is well known with lanterns and candles. As early as 1989, Lyon have become the first european city to offer a large level with a pageant of mild art.  From the sixth to the ninth of December, the metropolis will again offer numerous activities. International artists show their installations on the subject of mild, and the maximum essential homes in Lyon are illuminated in vibrant colorations. The awesome massive-scale projections with coloured light and photos have additionally inspired other towns and occasions, along with the Luminale in Frankfurt.

The inhabitants of Lyon, but, nonetheless area candles on their home windows and balconies in memory of the unique way of life of eight December.

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