SWAT: For university scholar Fazal Mabood, there has been a time whilst existence revolved around a syringe, small piece of steel, a lighter and a choice of either a small, white crystal or some powder.

Mabood, who now research bachelors of sciences on the Swat university, spent seven years hooked on heroin and crystal methamphetamine (ice).

His lifestyles, by means of all modern-day requirements, had gone off the rails and he had joined the masses of people in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa who had given into tablets.


He, but, found himself admitted to the Naway Jond (New life) welfare centre in Swat. At first, it regarded to be any other rehabilitation centre to Mabood who sought to address his cravings.

because the keep of medication changed into loosened over him, he commenced paying attention at what was occurring on the centre. He realised that matters had been one-of-a-kind at this rehabilitation centre. As opposed to being chained, starved or being overwhelmed as is the received’t at a few rehabilitation centres, Mabood determined himself paying attention to lectures on how drugs work, what they do to the human body and motivational talks to kick the habit.

Mabood, who graduated from the centre, is now its brightest light through working there as the in-price and supporting others like him to kick the addiction.

set up in Swat district’s biggest town of Mingora around 10 months ago, the welfare and ‘rejuvenation’ centre targets to deal with drug addicts and underage criminals in a more reformative and rehabilitative manner in preference to opting for the ordinary punitive manner of sending such people to prison.

The centre believes that an addict craves love more than the addiction and offers its inmates with care, meals, refuge and even carrying facilities. To this point, 193 people were launched after a a hit stint at the facility even as 21 — inclusive of some of juveniles— are nonetheless present process a intellectual recuperation manner on the facility.

Naway Jond also employs some of particular methods to attain its expenses, enlisting help from clerics and police officers to supply a series of lectures to reform addicts and criminals as efficient citizens.

Riaz Ahmed, the centre’s director, told The explicit Tribune that there are greater than four,000 drug addicts in Swat as in step with estimates of non-governmental businesses with this wide variety growing.

Ahmed delivered that the want for putting in place a rehabilitation centre for addicts, in which they may be dealt with on a permanent foundation, was first felt by using a former police officer of the district Aijaz Khan.

The police then devoted its check-post building to form the centre, imparting protection, energy and medical centers there whilst they themselves moved right into a rented constructing. Furthermore, to pay for its everyday operation, the centre collects donations.

Mabood said that their test has to this point proved to be successful, assisting dozens of people kick the habit. Such become the impact of the centre on the addicts that no one tried to break out.

Mingora Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Habibullah stated that they have been seeing greater kids getting addicted to tablets.

Habibullah stated that it changed into crucial to get drug-addicted children into rehabilitation in a timely way. However, he lamented that whenever they requested, the government constantly told them that they do now not have sufficient funds for a rehabilitation centre. Subsequently, he stated that they have got turned to donors to hold the rehabilitation centre functioning and have the funds for teachers to educate inmates unique capabilities.

He brought that he and a few different law enforcement officials lecture inmates at the centre. Rasheed Ali, a resident of Mingora, stated that once the centre become created, they had visible a decline in petty robbery — devoted by using drug addicts to shop for greater capsules.

“The locals are grateful to the police for this initiative,” he stated.

published within the express Tribune, December 17th, 2018.