Qualcomm has responded to remarks made through Apple leader govt Tim cook dinner in an interview, wherein he said there were no recent settlement talks among the iPhone maker and chip dealer of their worldwide legal war, calling prepare dinner’s comments “misleading.”

Apple on Wednesday stated it stood with the aid of prepare dinner’s remarks.

the two agencies are disputing remarks their respective CEOs have made over agreement talks.

. Apple’s leader on Tuesday said any talks led to September 2018. Qualcomm’s chief govt Steve Mollenkopf in November made feedback approximately the provider’s efforts to clear up the dispute.

however Qualcomm on Tuesday said cook dinner had miscast Mollenkopf’s comments, which did not mention a agreement and which Qualcomm keeps are accurate.

The conflict of phrases is unlikely to play a main position inside the outcome of the criminal fight between the two corporations. However it indicators the excessive stakes and deeply entrenched positions of every facet, with Apple arguing in courtroom that Qualcomm charges an unfair “tax” on its phones while Qualcomm fights to protect a patent licensing model it argues has helped carry connectivity to billions of new customers through wi-fi networks.

In a tv interview on CNBC in advance on Tuesday, cook dinner spoke back to a query from host Jim Cramer about whether or not Apple might settle with Qualcomm after Qualcomm had introduced felony victories towards Apple in patent instances in China and Germany.

“appearance, the truth is, we haven’t been in any agreement discussions with them because the 1/3 calendar sector of ultimate yr. That is the truth. So I’m no longer certain wherein that questioning is coming from,” prepare dinner stated.

prepare dinner’s feedback contrasted with the ones Mollenkopf made in November on CNBC.

“We do talk as organizations, and that i assume what you’re seeing, certainly, are activities consistent, truely, with the fourth region of the game, and not the primary sector,” Mollenkopf told CNBC then. “We always communicate approximately – and that i’ve been very consistent that this second 1/2 of (2018) and into (2019), is while we’re virtually on your doorstep of locating a resolution.”

In a announcement, Qualcomm stated the organization stands by Mollenkopf’s comments.

“We had been steady for the final 18 months in making clean that we've got, at various instances, been in discussions with Apple approximately a possible resolution to our licensing dispute,” a Qualcomm spokesperson said in a statement. “we've got additionally said clearly on numerous events that we trust it is going to be resolved, one manner or the other, inside the near future, either thru a settlement or courtroom selections.”

Apple on Wednesday said prepare dinner’s feedback had been accurate.

“Qualcomm is desperate to obfuscate the testimonies it's been telling its traders. Their accusations are a pink herring,” Apple said in a announcement to Reuters.

Apple has accused Qualcomm of accomplishing unlawful patent licensing practices to hold a dominant market position in so-known as modem chips, which assist cellular phones hook up with wireless information networks. Qualcomm has argued that its practices followed a long time-lengthy tech industry norms and that Apple has no longer compensated it fairly for its intellectual assets.

The primary case in Apple and Qualcomm’s felony conflict is going to trial in April.